Noah's Ark. (E-bog) Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries

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It was 2:30 am on June 2008 when Clara Wei was awakened by the familiar bip-bip of her mobile phone. She wondered who would be texting her in the middle of the night and had to check. It turned out to be a text message from Ahmet Ertugrul in Turkey who had apparently forgotten all about the six hour time difference, as it was still daytime in Turkey. When she read the message, she was suddenly wide awake. It said:


“We have found Noah’s Ark. I am standing right next to it on Mt. Ararat. What are we to do?”

Does the discovery of a large wooden structure under the ice on Mount Ararat confirm that the colourful biblical account of Noah’s Ark is not just a myth but a historical event? Only a few thousand years ago, the world climate changed dramatically. Was it just the end of the Ice Age or the biblical Flood that caused this? Soon after the change, the great civilisations of the newborn world flourished in Babylon, Egypt, and India. The ancient knowledge disappeared or was misinterpreted into myths. But frequently, finds are found under the sea or the ice - implying a mystical Archaean era when man was able to build enormous pyramids – and a mighty ship...


Why does the Bible - as well as the old myths - claim that people were taller and lived longer before the great flood catastrophe? Some scientists believe that a protected ring of ice particles around the planet disintegrated and caused the huge flood. Such a layer would have kept out destructive cosmic radiation, protecting people, animals, and plants and creating a lush paradise greenhouse climate before the flood.  


Journalist Henri Nissen (Doc RE) attempts to find answers in this interesting and thought-provoking book that questions the prevalent theories about the evolution of the world.



  1.  An SMS in the Middle of the Night            

Part 1: THE  STORY                                       
  2.  Everybody Knows Noah’s Ark                  
  3.  The Fantastic Story                      
  4.  The Peoples on the Ararat Mountains           
  5.  Ararat – the Common Origin of Languages and Genes                     
  6.  Berosus Confirms                       
  7.  From Josephus to the Middle Ages           
  8.  A Monk Knew About the Ark                
  9.  The Curse of the Pharaoh Returning?             
10.  Several People Claim to Have Seen the Ark       
11.  The Ark Was Found in 1883                    
12.  Navarra: I Found the Ark                   
13.  An Interview with Elfred Lee                 
14.  Hagopian’s Story                                    
15.  Ark Fever                                                
16.  The Boat-Shaped Object                               
17.  Photos                                                            
Part 2: THE GREAT DISCOVERY            
18.  The Chinese Conquer the Mountain                  
19.  Parasut Discovers Wood                                
20.  Exit Dr. Randall Price                           
21.  Interview with Panda Lee                              
22.  The Secret Tip                                               
23.  The Final Breakthrough                                 
24.  Interview with the Film Director Yeung            
25.  The Seven Spaces                                           
26.  A Big Secret Made Public                                 
27.  Where Is It?                                                 
28.  Doubt about Genuineness                       
29.  Dr. Geisler’s and Williams’ defense        

Part 3: BACKGROUND                                        
30.  Was There Actually a Flood?                           
31.  The Ship Expert                                               
32.  Meteor Showers Before the Flood             
33.  Velikovsky’s Theories                  
34.  Where Did the Water Come from?         
35.  Old Maps of the Pre Ice Age              
36.  Why Did They Grow so Old?             
37.  When Did It Happen?               
38.  The Valley of the Eight                
39.  The Book of Jasher                    
40.  The Graves of Noah and Naama          
41.  Gilgamesh                          
42.  The Man Who Built Noah’s Ark              
43.  Postscript                         

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