The God of Miracles (ENGLISH) - by Henri Nissen

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This is the story of Charles Ndifon, a Nigerian computer engineer who was called by Jesus to bring healing to the world and "tell people all the good things I have done for them".
The God of Miracles examines questions like: "Why are so many healed at his crusades?" "Why isn't everyone healed?" "Can we help God heal us?" "How about counterfeit spirits?" "What does the Bible teach on physical healing?" Includes scientific discoveries of answers to prayer, and interviews with some who were healed.

Charles Ndifon is an african-american healer who have healed thousands in Jesus name. The miracles have changed the understanding of the spiritual world to many modern men. He became known by a televison program. The producer wanted to show that Ndifon was a fake, but ended up proving that God heals today...

Interviews. Reports. Scientific investigation.
Danish: "Åndens Magt" -
Norwegian: "Åndens Makt" -
Swedish: "Miraklernas Gud". -
English: "The God of Miracles" -
German: "Ein Gott, der Wunder Macht".

224 pages
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ISBN Nummer 8772470178