The Fivefold Ministry and The Church - af Päivi Heikkklä

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Päivi Ministers in a phrophetic calling preparing things for the Lord in the Church, in cities and in nations. This is being done throug intercessory prayer, preaching and teaching impressed by the Holy Spirit. Her book The Lord will give you the City - Intercessors Handbook HAs been published by Kuva ja Sana in 2011. It has also been published in English, Estonian, Danish, Norwedian and Polish.

The Fivefold Ministry and The Church talks about what God is currently doing in his church in Finland and in other parts of Europe. The book is full of revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning the times we are living in and the preparation of the Church for the last harvest. It minister to pastors and others in the fivefold ministry gifts and offers encouragement to the whole Body of Christ.

The main message of the book is challenging every member of the Body to use their talents to serve Lord Jesus Christ. Take it, read it and dare to step into your calling.
Størrelse (Længde) 13
Størrelse (Højde) 21
Størrelse (Bredde) 1.2
ISBN Nummer 9789529344079