Christiansfeld - World Heritage - by Henri Nissen

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Christiansfeld is known for its
delicious honey cakes. But there is
much more hidden in the streets,
houses and history. This book also describes the spiritual life behind the freetown and its symbols:
The Morning Star. The Love Meal The Lamb. The well. Easter morning at the cemetery.

Read about:
* Christiansfeld’s emergence in 1773
* The passion and history of the Moravians
* The dramatic life of Count and Countess Zinzendorf
* The great poet N.J. Holm
* Christina Friederica v. Holsten
* The Artist Jeppe Madsen Ohlsen
* The missionary Mama Larsen
* Søren Kierkegaard

Christiansfeld was
admitted to the famous
UNESCO World Heritage
List in in 2015.
Størrelse (Længde) 22.5
Størrelse (Højde) 1.1
Størrelse (Bredde) 15.3
ISBN Nummer 9788792459459